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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Questions - Enclosure - MB - Kicad

I am with Lyle. PLEASE let's adopt standard connectors and controls that are available from standard sources in small quantities and mounted on the circuit board! I don't need a full kit. What I need is to not have to figure, scrounge, drill, saw, poke, curse, ... I just don't have time and I am trying to quit (the latter).


Lyle Johnson wrote:

I therefore propose that we increase the proposed project card size from 2x4
to 4x4 which is a 'happy medium' which Phil suggests below. This also allows
for Phil - VK6APH BPF board, A Jupiter GPS receiver etc. For 'Dead Bug'
expeimenters like Bill - KD5TFD, he could use a 4x6 full length card and
have 2" sticking out the front for experimenting without a card extender. It
also allows us to get on with Motherboard design with a maximum vertical
dimension of 96 mm. (case height between lands). I propose the motherboard
height dimension be the the size of the 96 pin mating connector (3.7"). The
holes in the connector will mate with standoffs for rigidity.

I think a 4x6x4 enclosure would make a cute little radio!

I think that the ability to put the connectors, controls, etc. on the PCB is a huge benefit for repeatability and reliability of whatever this group builds.

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Another thought: the motherboard could be sized such that its PC board forms the backplate of the enclosure. Downside is exposed connector tails -- or maybe that is a plus for having exposed test points?


Lyle KK7P

AMSAT VP Engineering. Member: ARRL, AMSAT-DL, TAPR, Packrats,
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