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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Questions - Enclosure - MB - Kicad


Go for the best electrical design.

I'm an 'open source no-profit' type guy in it for the fun. Occasionally
profit makes it all come together, like the SDR-1000 ---- We have an actual
device we can use, and a group, which through selfless contributions makes
it better! Not a bad model. To my way of 'freethink' is as soon as I make it
a product for profit, I'm obligated to things I DON'T like! (smil)

Let's keep truckin'!


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> Leon
> Shades of Jean at FPGA4FUN. I personally have no objections! Go for it! 
> Also
> since not all of us here are into soldering high pitch devices, go for SMT
> stuff on this board and let's get it contract manufactured. Or offer the
> board only at a discount for those of us who have the equipment. I'd go 
> for
> the smt stuff manufactured. Go with 12-06 smt on discretes, if possible so
> that we with microscopes and shaky hands can tackem' down! (smile)

It's going to be mostly SMT. I'll put a prototype together, but a board like

this really has to be assembled by specialists. I was using 0805 parts, as 
I've got plenty, but it might be better to go for 0603, for the FPGA supply 
pins. Xilinx recommends 0402 for their FPGAs, but those applications 
typically run much faster.

73, Leon 

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