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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Enclosure Details

Looks like it's computer generated art, not a picture of the real thing.

I like the dimensions, specially for the first run and creating a development environment, it's nice to have room for several cards. And it looks like we would have a lot of freedom in where we place the cards. like it has been mentioned before 3/4" spacing is a good compromise.

How deep were you thinking of making the boxes. I would not mind one cut to about 9" to 10" deep for prototype work. For the faceplate it would be nice to countersink the screw holes so they are flush. Satin anodized to red, blue, or silk would make the box look gorgeous. I'll have to ask around work and see if they run that process somewhere. I know they do black oxide here locally where I work, and a sick looking dark yellow green. The black anodize actually looks quite good on the parts they do it to.

Do you have a price for the raw material? I think they sell it in one meter length.

At 05:12 AM 1/17/2006, you wrote:
Posted the enclosure picture and measurement details on the Forum.
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