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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Enclosure Details

Cecil, Eric,

On 1/17/06, KD5NWA <kd5nwa@cox.net> wrote:
>  Looks like it's computer generated art, not a picture of the real thing.
>  I like the dimensions, specially for the first run and creating a
> development environment, it's nice to have room for several cards. And it
> looks like we would have a lot of freedom in where we place the cards. like
> it has been mentioned before 3/4" spacing is a good compromise.

The notches in the box are 0.100" wide, spaced on 0.200" inch (or
5.08mm) centers.  That means the board spacing will have to be a
multiple of 0.200".  The closest to 0.750" spacing will be 0.800" (or

>  How deep were you thinking of making the boxes. I would not mind one cut to
> about 9" to 10" deep for prototype work. For the faceplate it would be nice
> to countersink the screw holes so they are flush.

I would assume since Eric was talking about mounting front panel
components on the plug in boards, that the depth of the enclosure
would be 100mm + X1 + X2 where X1 is the stand-off distance of the
motherboard from the back panel and X2 is the connector mating height
difference between the plug in board and motherboard.  This would
place the top of the plug in boards at the front panel so the front
panel components would stick through.  Is this what you had in mind
Eric?  Or maybe I have misunderstood something?

73 de Phil N8VB