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[Xylo-SDR] Digest frequency and Common Courtesy

Bruce Beford wrote:
> Still lurking, but wondering if I really need 7+ digests per day from this
> one list? Daily digests should be just that- daily.

I've written Bruce directly about the problem, but will repeat some
information for the benefit of the rest of the list.

Since I don't get the list in digest mode (and never see them), I was
unaware of the frequency problem.  The settings for mailman, the
software used to manage the list, was set for 30 kBytes (or 1 day,
whichever comes first, to issue a digest).  I have changed that to 100
kBytes.  Hopefully this will not cause a problem with some ISPs or email

However, there is some common list courtesy that all message posters
could observe to help ALL of us out.

1. Please, in replying to a posted message, take a few seconds time to
trim off previous comments which are not needed to experience the
context to which you are replying or commenting on.  This helps us all.
It also shows that you, as a sender, value the other persons time.

2. If appropriate, change the subject of your reply.  This helps in
finding a particular topic in searching the archive.  I know this may
disrupt threading on some email readers, but makes it much easier to
find a message talking about the backplate than to wade through 27
messages all with subject of "enclosure dimensions".  Be creative!

The largest offenders to both items above is often from digest users
themselves, despite pleas in the digest to trim and change subject line
to something other than "Digest #3 Vol. 2".  Yesterday, a complete
digest was quoted and resent!  (which causes additional digests to be

Thanks for reading, your consideration, and your understanding.  This
list is exciting.

Don AE5K
Xylo-SDR List Administrator