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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Digest frequency and Common Courtesy

On 1/18/06, Eric Ellison <ecellison@comcast.net> wrote:
> Comment to #1:
> My drives have 160 mb so I am not concerned with how much I download so I
> save everything in my e-mail. I like to 'snipe' at any message on the
> subject for links etc.... even my comments (smile) don't (snip) too much! I
> keep the entire list on my drive. I do realize however 'visitors' to the web
> list would not like all the repeats.
> 2. DAMN YES! Let's get it on subject.
> Thanks
> Eric

I have a folder called Xylo in gmail where a filter puts all the
messages.  With 2.5 GB in the gmail account I have plenty of room.  I
can use the search email feature to find certain subjects too.  I
dislike getting the list in digest form.  I have my account set up to
get individual messages.

If anyone would like a gmail account I currently have 100 invitations
to give out.

73 de Phil N8VB