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Re: [Xylo-SDR] ATX Power Supply

On 1/19/06, Don AE5K <don@ae5k.us> wrote:

> Might consider just using an inline connector ... just run wires out of
> backside hole of "our product", even can leave it up to the end-user.
> That's how many manufacturers, including several of my mobile rigs, do
> it.  A hole and grommet is much cheaper than figuring out mounting of a
> connector on the box and allows some creativity on the part of the user.
> Don

If we mount a 4 pin molex connector on the backside of the
motherboard, we can put a rectangular slot in the back panel for the
connector to pass through.  This way, we do no have to mount the 4 pin
connector on the back panel.  It avoids having to wire up the power
input connector cable since the molex connector is soldered directly
to the motherboard.

We should probably then supply places (terminals) on the motherboard
to pick up the +12, -12, and +5 VDC for use inside the box but off the
motherboard since there is space in there for other components besides
the plug-in boards.

73 de Phil N8VB