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Re: [Xylo-SDR] ATX Power Supply


Hmmmmm we are proly going to have some pretty expensive product in the
whole. So a 'polarized standard plug' would be wise. After Googling a bit
this afternoon I think Phils ATX connector idea is the best. It can also
give us -5 volts if we really need it. Also the ATX connector has "Switch"
and "Power On indicator connections which would allow us to switch on from
near where the connector protrudes. As well as LED indicator(s). 

It remains that we will have to modify an ATX power supply with resistor for
load. Phil's url article really does not say much about the why's and hows.

I also googled ATX power supplies, and there are some that are DC to DC.
Just glanced at it though, and can't remember details.

Also giving some thought making the "Stand-offs" just lock washers, or a
lock and a flat, which should give us enough clearance and put the board
fairly tight up against the back panel.


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Eric Ellison wrote:

> Although a little large, and having more connections than we need, atx
> connector could be done on back of board. It more or less mandates an ATX
> supply, although the exterprising person could just hack an ATX plug off a
> power supply and connect the proper voltages off a non atx supply.
> Eric

Might consider just using an inline connector ... just run wires out of
backside hole of "our product", even can leave it up to the end-user.
That's how many manufacturers, including several of my mobile rigs, do
it.  A hole and grommet is much cheaper than figuring out mounting of a
connector on the box and allows some creativity on the part of the user.

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