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[Xylo-SDR] Summary of phase 1



Moving right on after some really neat discussion and a little reflection and some very creative retrospective.


My only claim to fame is having produced several Tony – KB9YIG boards and taken it from creative though to the end user. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, and have zero regrets.  That was a very valuable lesson when considering what I think we are trying to do here. I also enjoy keeping in contact the true expert designers of  the stuff we are discussing. Make no mistake I am in awe of the talent this Reflector has put together. Just go check the subscriber list if you don’t believe me.


So far we don’t have a person like Gerald Youngblood who risked his personal fortunes on a product  which we can now buy, and is allowing us to participate in the creative “future of radio”.  Nor do we have a large group like TAPR which probably sponsors research and development. So until then collectively we are the producers of this project until someone takes the risk of making it ‘off the shelf’ .  Hopefully this will have the right combination to make it the future of FPGA. Even though most, if not all of us are hams, what we are designing has some pretty universal appeal in a ‘more flexible FPGA development environment’.




Don’t go buying Aria enclosures, they are NOT necessary for this project. I just happen to like my Aria as a computer enclosure. Apparently Phil does also. What we decided over the weekend is that we currently have NO enclosure but MB design will allow for mounting it and project boards in a computer enclosure.


If you are looking ahead, all you have to do at this point is scrounge an ATX power supply. Or grab an ATX enclosure with power supply off the scrap heap. Even this is NOT necessary.


You won’t need a motherboard to experiment, since Leon will make the Lionheart stand alone enough that we should be able to experiment as if it were a Xylo/Saxo.


When the time comes that we have a motherboard designed and re-discussed. I will put together a group buy, since this will be a pretty simple easy to assemble kit.


Also the request that the Lionheart be a manufactured unit has been acknowledged by both Phil_H and Leon since many of us are not SMT assemblers, and this won’t go anywhere if at least the SMT stuff is mounted. Both folks have the capabilities of  getting either an Alpha or production run accomplished.


Onward and Upward to defining the buss and refining what we need the Lionheart to be.