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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Teamspeak session tomorrow night at 0100

Hello Eric!

Probably the ‘buss’ discussion would be a good one last shot session on Teamspeak tomorrow night, but only if:


Sorry, I can't make it tomorrow, Eric, it is my birthday and we'll have a house full...

Don't wait on me. I agree with the Phil_C's suggestion that we only need 1, at most 2 LVDS pairs. I also think it makes sense to keep this thing simple. The DIN connectors ought to be fine. Define some power pins and maybe a couple of signals for SPI and/or I2C. Make the "essential" signals map to a 64-pin DIN and just put the esoteric stuff n the middle row,m so we can save some $ on connectors if we don;t need the esoteric ones. Leave plenty as user-defined, consider some daisy chain, don't need many.


Lyle KK7P


Are there since you guys really do know the subject of the buss and lvds stuff. Probably not practical for Leon to be there, but at least most of the identified experts can make the best suggestion and give us a direction that we can run with. That is NOT to preclude having any of the lurkers, not making comments or for that matter anyone else to be there. We usually do get a lot decided in a short time if we don’t have to type it.

I’ll be there.