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Re: [Xylo-SDR] RFC - Motherboard


Apologies, I was not intending to offend, just to question the buss concept.
I previously agreed with you on your suggestion of a separate FPGA. It IS
the right way to go with the radio. (Need to name it something, smile)

Guess we are all tired of the circles. Let's move on.

It does not seem that the Janus or other probable offshoot boards will need
additional FPGA's.

Are there enough resources, space and to put it on the Lionheart? Both you
and Cecil are talking about doing the same thing with the same chip. Also
that pretty much means you are only needing the FX2 on Lionheart. I may have
missed something in that discussion.


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On 1/24/06, Eric Ellison <ecellison@comcast.net> wrote:

> The buss stuff really all
> started to unravel when Phil_C said he needed an FPGA on the Radio board
> to the probable lack of capability of the buss to carry the A/D and other
> high speed sigs to and from the Lionheart. Bill - KD5TFD and I sort of
> the same thing Saturday:  "If we can't leverage the Lionheart for all buss
> mounted FPGA projects now and in the future, what is the point of the

Gosh, this is really getting tiring...  Really, please get away from
the idea that a FPGA or CPLD is some special kind of magic thing... It
is just a chip that can replace a board full of other logic chips.  
People don't think twice when we are using the Wolfson/TI ADC and
another TI ADC/DAC on the same board.  And people happily put two
Analog Devices DDS chips on a board to get a quadrature LO...  But God
forbid if I mention using more than one FPGA ;-)

> Cecil suggested a .100 pin header  to which we would attach a twisted pair
> to a single pair block going from board to board. It is a good idea for a
> couple of pairs of pins, but if we need 16 pair or probably more, it is a
> little impractical, but do-able.

We only need a couple of high speed lines, not 16.

Phil C
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