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Re: [Xylo-SDR] RFC - Motherboard

Sounds plausible to me. I'm not caught up enough to make a meaningful
statement in that context. I only know Xylo a teeny bit and certainly
don't know how the Xylo host code downloads firmware over USB; I also
haven't caught up on how the I2C/S is used for talking to the Wolfson
and/or TI. 

Chris - AE6VK

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> 1) Each board must be addressable from the Janus board via I2C or 
> maybe JTAG in order for the Janus to do the firmware download to each

I think the motherboard/bus should directly and distinctly support JTAG,
in which some signals are in parallel, some are daisy-chained.  There
may well be a mix of JTAG devices, not only FPGAs, on the various boards
-- including daughter boards.


Lyle KK7P

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