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Re: [Xylo-SDR] WoW I really like your new name suggestions on SVN!


Just kiddin' but a stout firewall will block you. 

Which is why I requested from the company yesterday a DSL connection at work
which I justified by saying I would set up a VPN on our switches to allow
vendors to connect to the Internet without getting on the company network
with potentially 'dirty' machines over which I have no control... In
addition I stated that I would be using this high speed external connection
for valuable experimentation and high speed download of drivers and patches
on a machine I am requesting for the purpose since it can't be on the
company network. I specified a 4.0 GHZ Pentium with dual cores, 4 g of ram
and dual DVD cd writers. I also intend to use the machine for personal web
CBT so need a Delta 44 sound card and speakers. I added that the CBT's were
part of my milestones for the year, on which my bonus is based. Furthermore
it would save several thousands of dollars if I did CBT's rather than
offsite training. I indicated that I would also be experimenting with VoIP
and other technologies which might be helpful to the company.

As 1 of 14 worldwide site administrators with the largest site (read, just a
pair of hands) 

Permission was granted!

If I had requested that I convert my workstation to a static IP and ask
permission for them to open a port on the firewall for SVN it would have

Permission Denied!

I'm not saying I'm going to be on Teamspeak all day long but...... I could
pretend to be listening to music!

The really ironic and terribly humorous thing about this is that we have
really strict outside auditors who try to tear us apart for our network
vulnerabilities. They have been told that the local IT site admin must check
their laptops 'health' out before going on the internal network. I have an
alarm klaxon which sounds if I have an unrecognized machine on our OU.
Usually it is an auditor! I know the EXACT switch port he is on and I'm
there in a matter of minutes. When I insist on inspecting his machine for
patches and virus defs etc. I usually find a horrendous number of
vulnerabilities and malware and other junk! This is my JUDGE! Then when I
say 'no way' you are getting on MY network. They make a call to the folks
who made the rules in our corp and are granted access.... Big Corps! (smile
go figgre!)


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Well it is when the link doesn't work!


Quoting Eric Ellison <ecellison@comcast.net>:

> Lyle
> Great suggestions for group names on
> svn://svn.hamsdr.com/svn/repos/test/trunk! Version 15. Way to go! They
> like winners. I just updated my version.  Was it very hard to get going on
> Tortise?
> Eric

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