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Re: [Xylo-SDR] WoW I really like your new name suggestions on SVN!

Hello Eric!

Great suggestions for group names on svn://svn.hamsdr.com/svn/repos/test/trunk! Version 15. Way to go! They look like winners. I just updated my version. Was it very hard to get going on Tortise?

Not too hard. I have never used version control, so it took a little fiddling, but not bad. From download to successful edit and save was a total of perhaps 30 minutes.

After installing TortiseSVN, I had to read the help files when I did a "right click" and did not get a "check out" option. I needed to create a directory for SVN on my computer, then copy the files from the hamsdr server to my local working copy (another right click as I recall). I could then edit the local copy and, when I was done, right click on it and synchronize back to the main file.

Before I realized I had to copy to the local directory, I opened and edited the document, but could not save it back to the server.

Lyle KK7P