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[Xylo-SDR] Flex-Radio-Friends Teamspeak Audio Forum 02-11-06



Forum Audio:





Bob - K5KDN

Still working on shack, raving about the new beta and firebox. May have access to a reflow station for adhering the blob of SMT pins onto projects! (smile)


Dan - N4XWE

Early part of next week will post on the reflector to have a Teamspeak Linux organizational meeting to get a Linux group together. Has been working on dttdsp in Debian and has it working wonderfully. Please pay attention to the E-mail reflector for the organizational announcement.


John – K2OX

Audio recorder code submitted to Eric1 and will go in next beta series. Many measurements posted on SDR.


Larry – K2LT

Is ‘off the road’, and back to SDRing.


Mike – AA8K

Mentions CPU utilization. Discussions further down, is that everyone is noticing a % increase.


Phil – VK6APH – Bill – KD5TFD

Both working together on the ‘xylo’. Phil preparing a ‘white paper’ on how to embed command and control sigs into the USB stream. Has tested audio data stream all the way to 192 kbs / 24 bit audio. Is starting work on the TI320 Codec to do transmit audio, mic in and earphone/speaker output. GREAT WORK! Bill is ‘poking at’ the optimizing handling the stream into PowerSDR. Working on accommodating the higher bandwidths which Phil is handing off on usb and providing synch.


Rick – VE3MM

Used the radio to work the 3Y0 DxPedition and veries the fantastic performance of SDR.

Calls for a variable resolution panadapter display! Yea!


Ross – K7RSB

Has designed a simple enclosure for the D-44 interface board.



Post-Fourm audio with many commenting on the increased CPU load in Preview 14. Phil and Bill discussing FPGA project.



C U On Teamspeak!


Eric2 – AA4SW-V31SR