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Re: [Xylo-SDR] New head of steam (Eric Ellison)

Eric wrote:

>The Atlas is the glue piece, which make these and future projects with
>FPGA heart really 'run'. Since we have decided to build this buss card
>scratch, how should we proceed? We have decided that it will be powered
>an ATX power supply with a 24 pin (we have the connector). We have
>the general 100 mm form factor. We have decided 4 slots, which can be
>expanded at either end with right angle 96 pin connectors. We decided
on 4
>Layers. (Compromise in cost)


>I'm really dying on the Atlas otherwise. How do we get from A to B with
>current project boards and their needs? What information do we need to
>design the Atlas? What tools do we need?


As I mentioned some time ago (though it may have gotten lost in the
dying listserver issues), I'm willing to help out on the Atlas design
from a PCB and SI perspective.

A couple of real basic questions:

1)	Will there only be slots on the backplane for the boards
currently under consideration (Janus, Lionheart) or is it envisioned to
also provide one or more extract slots for connecting other boards yet
to be envisioned? This impacts the decision on how to terminate the LVDS

2) 	 Has an overall system diagram been put together yet? I'll need
to browse the SVN site this evening (the firewall here at work isn't SVN

-Ray   WB6TPU