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[21:18:18] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: Does Visual Studio have any integration w/ SVN?

[21:39:28] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: DSP Chip some of the AQRP folks are working with http://www.freescale.com/webapp/sps/site/prod_summary.jsp?code=DSP56371&nodeId=0127958596

[21:40:42] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: And also sometime we'll do mutil recv's out of a single Merc I'd assume?

[21:41:30] *chan* Rick - ve3mm: Would the new protocol allow the use of skimmer server?

[21:42:12] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: I thought Alex had his own FPGA code from Skimmer?

[21:44:12] *chan* Rick - ve3mm: Alex mentioned to me that skimmer server needs changes to the usb protocol? Is this correct?

[21:45:50] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: I'm not sure .. not enturely familair with what changes he needs?

[21:58:28] *chan* Dave - KV0S: Good Night All

[22:03:49] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: http://www.austinsummerfest.info/images/stories/Schedule-Text-2009-3Aug.pdf