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[21:15:27] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: So you're going extreme unlmited class?

[21:16:31] *chan* George - K9TRV: ouch! we thought it was bad enough in upper 80s. but high humidity due to great lakes at 42N (En82bi)running4A

[21:16:37] *chan* Rick - ve3mm: eXtreme unlimited is going to be a little higher tech than what I was doing.

[21:19:50] *chan* Rick - ve3mm: Hi Al, I've built two of them, and I believe Phil has one and Bill has one underway.

[21:20:40] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: mine is 99.9% done... just need to get the cabling for the usb to the || port done

[21:21:33] *chan* Greg - ZL3IX: I also have one. Wouldn't be without it!

[21:32:21] *chan* Al - N0TVJ: I noticed that several ways are available to do the USB for the N2PK VNA , which one do you guys use or do you go with the Parallel port only? I would like to order one of the ones listed on makarov.ca but not sure which way to go?

[21:35:59] *chan* Rick - ve3mm: Al, I have used Dave G8KBB's usb board for both of my VNA's. They work really well. I don't use the parallel port interface any longer. He may still have some of the boards available, they were about $5.

[21:37:25] *chan* Al - N0TVJ: Thanks Rick i will look up G8kbb and see if they are still available in some form.

[21:41:23] *chan* Richard VK2NRA: http://openhpsdr.org/wiki/index.php?title=Teamspeak_index_2009

[21:45:17] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: You mean my snide text comments are being saved... ugh ... did not realize that!

[21:45:45] *chan* Mike - AA8K Windows XP: Nothing goes away on the Internet.  :)

[21:46:16] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: Quite true

[21:46:51] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: hsusb is the name of the new board I think ..

[21:46:57] *chan* Mike - AA8K Windows XP: I include the text in the .zip file when there is anything pertinent.

[21:48:09] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: http://wb6dhw.com/HSUSB.html