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HPSDR Firmware Loading

The Current version of the Firmware can be found on the Downloads section of the website is Downloads

The verilog code for each of the Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) is compiled with ALtera program call Quartus II. A version of the code is availabe for download if you want to modify or develop new verilog code. On this wiki, there is a set of videos introducing verilog code practice using examples from the verilog code in the HPSDR boards.

Only boards that are directly connected to the computer (JTAG connector, USB or ethernet) can easily load firmware. Since we have a FPGA on these boards we can program them to function as JTAG programmers.

Lets explore the options.

Direct JTAG programming

Quartus II

Quartus is a full verilog development environment with a code simulator. The download of this code is over 10 GB so it is generally unreasonable if you have not intention of developing verilog code. This software does have the ability to program the FPGA directly with additional hardware connector.

  • Parallel Port Bitblaster - This hardware use the parallel port found of old computers and often used as a printer port.
  • USB Bitblaster - There are many of these USB BitBlasters, which operate through the USB port. Many third party versions of this devicxe are available on the internet.
  • Ethernet Bitblaster - We are aware that these exist but they seem to be quite expensive at this time.

Ozy or Magisters's Firmware

Loaded by Radio Software

Ozy or Magister as a USB JTAG programmer

Ozy JTAG Blaster

Metis, Hermes, and Angelia Frimware

Metis as an ethernet JTAG programmer