Ghpsdr3 Bugs

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Features not currently implemented in this version

  • Transmit has not been implemented but the structure and functions are in the code.
  • Bandscope has not been implemented.

Known problems

  • Server & dspserver must both be running on Windows, or Linux, not a mix.
  • If dspserver for Rx 1 is started before dspserver for Rx 0, the Rx 1 client will receive spectrum and audio data for Rx 0, and changes in Rx 1 frequency will not result in changes to spectrum or audio data. Once dspserver for Rx 0 has also been started, everything is correct.
  • When a client disconnects or is terminated, it or a newly running client is not able to connect to the server unless the server is terminated and restarted. This applies to both dspserver-server pairs, and to monitor-server pairs.