Using JT65HF on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7

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This program is required for operating the HF weak signal digital modes. Follow the recommended settings given below and you should not have any problems.

1. Download the JT65HF set-up file (.exe) from Download setupJT65-HF1060.exe

2. Install at least two sets of com0com ports for use with PTT and frequency control. Learn about and install com0com.

2. Download and follow the latest version of the Set-Up instructions from the JT65HF Setup and Use Guide.

a. Before testing the PTT button, be sure that "DTR" is checked. The alternative PTT method is not required.

b. For best decoding of weak signals, PowerSDR's AGC should be set to custom and the AGC-T adjusted for 0dB audio input level.

3. Install Virtual Audio Cable (VAC). Follow FlexRadio instructions at: How to Setup Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) 4.0x with PowerSDR 1.x

4. Change the calibration values as described in the FlexRadio Knowledge Base article:How to Configure WSJT with PowerSDR and VAC