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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Wolfson interface

Phil (and PhilC)

Let's get the SVN going. I realize we are still 'playing' and experimenting,
but this thing came together as a really great project with everyone
pitching in it spans a number of development efforts, and folks with a great
range of talents. Also with contributors who have created a Forum, SVN and
reflector! Can we define this project to SVN by the end of the weekend? Is
it time to do that in our fledgling group?

PhilC you have a LOT of expeience with this. Can you help define and get us
started with SVN. I don't see any way OTHER than some versioning and merging
software to accomplish whatever our goal might be.

I am going to try to use Kincad to design and produce what we need in the
way of PCB glue (not electronic design!) As a former professional biological
scientist I don't know if that is possible, but it is a Thrill and I'll give
it a shot in PCB and Marketing strategy areas! 

Eric - AA4SW

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My student has completed her VHDL interface to the Wolfson chip so I need to

catch up!
Attached is my Verilog version. This nearly simulates OK expect that I 
sometimes get an Undefined state in the state machine and can't seem to 
track it down. Perhaps one of the more experienced in the group could point 
out my error.

By looking at the RTL I have been able to get the code size down to just 1% 
so plenty of room in the FPGA for more features.

The code simply sends the left audio channel from the Wolfson A/D chip over 
FIFO 4, I then use PortAudio to play it.

Phil C - thanks for all the comments in your code, sure makes understanding 
it easy!

Phil... VK6APH