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Re: [Xylo-SDR] OpenCores.org

The 'code' runs from very good to terrible just like any open source
code.  About half is VHDL and the other half Verilog.  It helps to be
familiar with both to at least be able to translate one into the other
depending on which is your favorite HDL.

The microprocessor cores are particularly interesting on opencores.org

73 de Phil N8VB

On 12/13/05, Arthur J. Lekstutis <Artie@lekstutis.com> wrote:
> I just found http://www.opencores.org/. Looks very interesting.
> If the 'code' there is any good, it might be a source of major
> components to an SDR FPGA project.
> Haven't looked closely yet, will look tonight...
> Later,
> Artie
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