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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Firewire, DSP and FPGA on one module

Hi Cecil,

I let you (or anybody else) wet your feet with Xylo first. Then I possibly jump directly to my own radio hardware design, if no satisfactory solution available anywhere.

I am no expert, just a hardware radio tinkerer since my first one tube receiver in 1947. With this experience I have noticed that it is easier to improve the good work of others than starting from the scratch. Another reason for not starting just now is my stressing consulting project, at least until February.

Thanks everybody for your hard work, it will be a pleasure to exploit it!

73, Ahti OH2RZ

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Have you bought a Xylo yet? Join the party, if you are not familiar
with FPGA's then join the club, most of are getting our feet wet. If
you an expert, then by all means start leading in the direction you
are interested in.

Me I'm at "you mean you can move around? I want some of that." stage,
never mind running.

It's not an exclusive club.