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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Questions - Enclosure - MB - Kicad

Leon / Everyone

Before I order enclosures, let's nail this down. Board width is 100 mm board
length can be what we decide. I chose 4" however 1/2 Euro is 3.152 inches.
We still can vote here, but the size of the enclosure I will order will be a
fixed length based on the length we decide +12.7 mm for MB standoff from
backplate, and x - y adjustement. Groove dimension for board slides is 101
mm. Inside dimension from land to land on slides is 96 mm. (components must
be placed within this 96 mm.)

I have asked for an engineering drawing on this enclosure since there does
not appear to be one available over the Internet. Also will measure when the
enclosures arrive as suggested by Lyle before we go to copper on any boards
or backplane.

I am about to post a RFC for Power but not this thread.

We need another post for buss connections. THIS IS CRUCIAL and EVERYONE must




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> Phil
> Thanks
> Designer Group: Be forwarned or speak your peace. Project board size is 
> now
> 4"x4" with buss connector opposite 'external real-world connections'
> Leon - Don't forget some status leds and perhaps a PB (reset?).

I was going to make my board 80 mm x 100 mm (half Eurocard). Should I change

it to 4" x 4"?

I'll include some LEDs.

I've found that Farnell stocks the SRAM, I'll order a couple. I've created 
the part and added it to the design, but I'm not sure of the footprint (I 
guessed the pad sizes). I'll see if it is on the IPC site.

73, Leon 

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