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Re: [Xylo-SDR] FPGA board


Good progress! Sorry no drawings yet but did excerpt the catalog page from
Rose+Bopla. I also am exchanging e-mails with them directly and they are
going to try to get me dxf's or dwg files. I'll post a link to the

Board size of 100 x 100 is fine. Everyone can go to the bank with that size.
When I do the calcs on the enclosure depth with connector shoulders and
stand-off. I will order the 'cut depth' to fit them perfectly.

More on powers later


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I've just ordered some FAN1112 1.2V regulators direct from Fairchild. Mouser

seemed to have a problem with my credit card (I probably got the number 
wrong) so I've cancelled that order. My Fairchild distributor had them, but 
only if I wanted to buy a reel of 2,500! 1.2V regulators are somewhat 
difficult to find, probably because the output voltage is lower than the 
reference supply used on most regulators.

I've got some triple output switching regulator samples from TI that are 
made specifically for FPGAs, but they are a lot harder to use.

I've also ordered a couple of the SRAMs from Farnell.

I've made the PCB 100 mm x 100 mm, and changed all the Rs and Cs to 0603.

On the DIN41612 connector I'm using pins 1, 33 and 65 for Gnd and pins 32, 
64 and 96 for 5V. It's a four-layer board with a ground plane and supply 
voltage plane for VccIO (3.3V). I'll use a copper pour area for VccINT 

73, Leon
Leon Heller, G1HSM

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