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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Xylo-SDR project details


This is a fast moving, dynamic project, without any 'boss' to tell you what
you can and can't do based on any arbitrary standard. We are not doing
anything here which is super structured as 'bidness' would have, so we can
probably get lot done in a pretty short period of time. We are not typing
tons of data into an ISO 9000 to compete. (someone mentioned UL and CSA but
ignore that!). Not looking to write papers in Journals of the ......

We got all that is required:

Genius. Desire. "And the amateur future", using 'off the shelf products'
Bill - KD4TFD  a "Dead Bug" person ahead of us all because he prototypes,
doing frequency standard and audio stuff.
Leon - G1HSM doing the Cyclone II heart of the project.
Phil - N8VB Trusting that Leon will do his job well (we are all watching!)
Phil - N8VB who is going to make this project a radio. (and probably do the
motherboard, since I can't draw!)
Phil - VK6APH (who started this phenom) doing some really heavy lifting on
the audio-USB -> PC side.
Lurkers who are going to design the end caps for the enclosure (I think).

Your challenge is to use the rest of the enclosure for what you feel it
should be! (approximately 80x100x100 mm. Dang do we have space or what!) You
will be in competition with others for the space!

Join us at 01:00 UTC on Thursday on Teamspeak for the Xylo-Phreaks forum!


Welcome to the future!


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Hi to all,
I just subscribed to this list because my next SDR project is going in 
the direction of FPGA, USB etc.

When looking over the Xylo-SDR webpages and also the forum webpages I 
could not find any specific project specifications or details. Could 
someone please provide me with a link to project related information, 
thanks. Would be nice to know what is planned to go into the enclosure, hi.

73, Helmut VK4STR

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