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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Teamspeak FPGA discussion - Have we paintedourselvesinto a corner? Boxed ourselves in?


Everyone's 2 cents is of value. That's why the Reflector. In casual
conversations with Gerald that enclosure (no matter what bus config) will
end up being pretty expensive. I have gurgled cases till I am blue in the
face, but have learned a lot! An ATX computer enclosure or Mini-ITX
enclosure would be on par with SDR-100 enclosure costwise. Bene here is that
it has powersupply, switches, indicators, mounts and other goodies, we are
going to have to buy separately. 

Googling PCI stuff is like searching for all references to God in the bible.
All I want to know at this point is:

Is the PCI physical connection buss indeed a parallel buss with all pins
connected like the s-100 or EuroBuss? I think I'm going to have to go pop
the passive backplane out of a Dell Optiplex 150 on Monday, and Ring it out!
I know that the PCI bus does have dedicated 5V (and newer standard 5 & 3.3
V)lines to each card, as well as other powers. If I remember correctly the 4
card riser in the Dell 150 has just a LED on it so ringing it out should be
simple. I'll also e-mail the mfgr of the link I posted and ask this stupid
question. Also how many insertions the slot connectors are good for.

Someone might dummy up a PCI card with some IC's connected and request a
quote from a PCB mfgr, to verify Cecil's claim of much greater expense for
an edge card connector. Someone might check the parts cost on Jean's Dragon
board and estimate 50% profit to find the cost of the board. Perhaps Phil_H
can check with his mfgr for a rough estimate on a 4 layer PCI Buss card of
say 100 cm area.

Dunno? I do know that before we plunk down bux for our design, we want to
maximize what we can do with each individual board, for the $ we spend.


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Maybe it's time to re-think this enclosure business one more time.

How about an SDR-1000 split type case with a MB/bus of whatever design in
the bottom with the cards standing vertically. Card orientation and guides
to be worked out. The main advantage of this design is you can get to the
cards to work on them without having to pull the front panel. Also, there is
a good bit of room for power supplies, oscillator(s), etc. Font/rear panels
could be group buy or roll-ur-own

I never have been crazy about the Euro Card closed case concept. Something
like this makes more sense to me.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Steve - K5FR

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