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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Saxo

Hi Chris and Phil,

I would like to implement a USB Audio device exactly in order to avoid having to write any device driver software on the PC side. The USB Audio Class device specification should not be too complex to implement in the FX2 (I hope). I have recently acquired the TUSB3200 chip, which is an embedded USB Audio stream controller. It does however only support USB full speed (12 Mbps), which will limit the sampling rate to 96 kHz half-duplex. This is ok for me at the moment since I do intend to use my laptop internal soundcard for mic and speaker.

I wish the FX2 had an I2S interface!

In my little project, I would like to focus on the implementation of a 96 kHz half-duplex USB soundcard (USB Audio specification) and a generic parallel I/O port (USB HID specification). Everything in a single little board. Anyone on the list interested in joining efforts?


-- Edson

Phil Harman wrote:

Hi Chris,
I have a prototype full duplex USB2 sound card going based on the Wolfson A/D chip and Xylo/Saxo FPGA board. At the moment it runs at 48k and 16 bits but the chip can do 192k and 24 bit. Need to walk first but the pace is picking up! Writing a generic USB Audio Device driver is way beyond me. Our aim is to keep the interface to the A/D converter inside the PC as simple as possible so I don't see the need for a 'real' device driver - we are not trying to compete with the D44 for example. 73's Phil...VK6APH Phil....VK6APH
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    What few useful thoughs I've had so far on the subject agree with
    yours - if possible [does the USB Audio Device spec go as far as
    24-bit stereo, 96/192 ksamples/sec?], the USB-2 interface should
    be able to use a generic USB Audio Device driver => we don't have
    to supply/maintain one for any/all OS. But then, I know almost
    nothing yet,
Chris - AE6VK