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[Xylo-SDR] Aria Case... DIN41612 Backplane...

Hi all,

My home computer is in an Aria case.  I have been sitting here trying
to figure out how you could have front panel components.  One thought
is that you could make a panel that fits in the 5.25 " DVD/CDROM bay. 
 Also, if you remove the card readers, USB and Firewire ports and the
1/8" jacks then those holes could be used for mounting front panel

The pluses are that we would have a built in ATX power supply, plenty
of area for cooling, and left over space for other items.  Fans made
for PC cases could be used for extra cooling.  It also does not
require as strict sizing on the plug-in boards.

I don't think that the passive PCI backplane is going to work out, but
how about designing the DIN41612 backplane to fit an Aria sized
enclosure?  People would still have the option of using a different
type of case if they didn't like the Aria.

There are plastic rails that you can buy to allow the DIN41612 plug-in
boards to slide into for guides.  We use them at OSU-ISL for most of
the projects.

73 de Phil N8VB