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Re: [Xylo-SDR] TeamspeakFPGAdiscussion-Have we paintedourselvesinto a corner?Boxedourselves in?

On 1/22/06, Eric Ellison <ecellison@comcast.net> wrote:
> While doing laundry and folding clothes, I had some other thoughts about
> this whole MB pin connector we have chosen.
> There are plenty of inexpensive protoboards for the 64 pin connector but I
> have only seen the 96 pin x 160 mm proto at vector and don't know the price.
> Phil_c and Bill are the only ones doing prototyping at the moment but they
> are absolutely crucial to the success of this and other projects as are
> others in this group. If prototype boards are $$$ it is going to squash
> experimentation. Which also really means that Leon's Cyclone FPGA, also
> should be 'standalone' for dead bug stuff.

There are plenty of protoboards that take the 96 pin connector.  They
have to... unless you are using a type "B" connector which is more
rare, the 64 pin and 96 pin are 3 row connectors.  The difference is
in whether one 32 pin row is populated or not.

> It is a little more difficult to make the 96 pin board a 'stand' alone board
> which would be VERY desireable for "non-backplane" experimentation, like the
> Xylo/Saxo.
> The 96 pin can't be 'ribbon cabled'.

Not really true.  At work we have some connectors that mate with the
DIN41612 96 connectors that are ribbon cable IDC type connectors.  
The DIN41612 connector also come in wire wrap pin styles.

> If what has been mentioned about not putting clocks or other high speed
> stuff over the backplane there is no need for 96 pins, and 64 pins at .100
> should be more than sufficient.

If we are going to use the normal type C connectors we might as well
use the 96 pin connectors.