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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Lionheart Block diagram v1.3



I may have missed it, but I have not seen a description of the daughter
card. The daughter card is a really great idea which opens up a LOT of
single board options, but does require that the experimenter design a
daughter card or breadboard.

For really common stuff like I2C, RS232 or Ethernet, if we can provide for
those common connections on the Lionheart itself then it is stand alone for
other experimenters.

I think we should take what we want for the current projects off the
'outside world' side of the Lionheart. Then fill anything remaining of the
100 mm with provisions for standard connections and minor support chips. 

Front panel I2C is a must if I want to do some Process control etc.

RS-232 Serial and Ethernet should be considered. My thinking is that it
should be a much higher power Xylo, that I can stick in my shirt pocket,
power off the USB and go.


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> Folks
> In this exchange, everyone seems to be thinking existing projects. If the
> front panel of the Lionheart has the room, I would suggest adding stuff 
> that
> is not in present plans.
> The reason we jumped the Xylo (at least me) is that it had a lot of 
> options
> VGA, I2C, JTAG, etc, and was simple to load and run programs. Perfect for
> experimentation.
> This board will have generic appeal outside ham radio just like the other
> FPGA prototyping systems. If we can fit it on and it does not cost a 
> million
> bux, but just pin connections or a max 233. Jam it in. Even if it isn't
> supported in current plans or code.

That sort of stuff is better on a daughter board, isn't it?


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