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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Use of Tortoise SVN


It really is pretty simple, although I guess I'm missing some of the finer

Once installed, and the address entered, all anyone really has to do is
right click my computer and choose on "Tortise Browser> a dropdown list of
servers appears click on that directory. It comes up as if it was on your
local machine. For those of us with R/W privs we have complete control. For
those with read privs only they can view or download the file but can't
replace it. 

I had Dale create a section for each board off the root. I moved the
Lionheart VSD to the Lionheart folder. Would be great to just do some
learning on our diagrammatic sketches. Dale said he would replace the IP
denoted servername with a more 'friendly' name.

I was going to create a visio for the Atlas, but found the computer here
with Visio on it is still flakey. Spent all weekend on building up/rapairing
2 computers, but should have my development computer re-worked shortly.


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I'd be very pleased to use Tortoise SVN and keep all of my design files
So far I've blundered through using it and I'm sure I'm not getting more
a few % of the real value of it use. 

I'm going to claim that I am too busy to stop and learn it thoroughly and 
hopefully my deliverables to date substantiate that!

What would be great if someone could but together a very simple guide as to 
its use in the form of  a simple step-by-step set of instructions.

I'm sure that when I start using it in earnest I'll wonder how I ever
without it!

73's Phil... VK6APH

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