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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Alternative name to Xlyo project


That's the spirit! Like you, I think we wore out mythology. One of my 5 feet
is always in the marketing and 'flashy/trashy' area. 

I Like BitFire (think it should be one word with a - or _ in it. If we
really got clever could include an ansi graphics character as a spacer

These are now on the list.

Incidentelly since I am making up the rules and the deadlines on this.
(Deadline holds!)

Anyone can have as many entries as they want, so long as it is 10 or less. I
wouldn't take kindly to having someone cut and paste Websters dictionary
into the contest message. I may throw my additional 9 in there for kix
"FPGA-Smiths" doesn't quite cut it!

I have the ATX power supply ready to ship, if the winner really wants it!


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Eric Ellison wrote:
>I'll put it to a vote in a forum message Tuesday!

Well nothing like a deadline.


To make sure there is at least some choice, here goes:

1. Golden Gate: The gate based device bridges the RF/HF and digital world; 
it's design and capabilities make it golden.
2. Ham Ram: Highly Adaptable & Modular Radio (wave/frequency) Acquisition 
3. Bit Blaster: I think some one else mentioned this one, but not sure
4. Bit Fire: Like Spit Fire: fast, agile, etc.
5. Nano Sampler: nothing like the word nano to grab the headlines (helps 
that period of HF signal is in the ns range).

73 de Joe - AB1DO

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