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Re: [Xylo-SDR] small and portable


Actually if you look down the left side of the link you provided, there is
DEFINITLY a lot of other neat stuff there!


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Wow, a guy can't even lurk anymore.    (smile)

They even have a pdf of the manual.

Here it is:



World's tiniest 12V DC-DC ATX power supply unit (PSU)


Unfortunately, it wants 12 Volts regulated and will
shut down at 13 Volts.

Mike  -  AA8K

Eric Ellison wrote:
> tom
> Yeah but our box is gonna need an extension from your box for power. I 
> dinna see no 24 pin molex anywhere on this jewel! Someone recently PM'ed 
> me on the "World's smallest ATX power Supply" which would be perfect to 
> power our little FPGA-RADIO controller. However I don't normally pass on 
> PM's. Great little connector.. Er power supply. Please post to the group 
> whomever you are (smile!)
> Eric

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