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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Fundamental Atlas design decisions


	If the DSP board proposed by Lyle were to be used is it
envisioned 	that it would be sitting on the LVDS buss? If so would
it be listen 	only or would it drive the buss at times ??

Depends entirely on what the I/O requirements are for the other boards. The DSP board needs to communicate with the audio I/O and "IF I/O" boards, but only at DSP sampling rates of 200kHz or so. These are typically serial interfaces like I2S, so the data rate is on the order of 9 MHz or less. It will also likely need to configure/update various peripheral boards (command the DDS/Synthesizer(s), set gains, etc) but this is likely to be done using I2C or SPI style interfaces.

Hopefully, LVDS won't be required for any of this.


Lyle KK7P