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[Xylo-SDR] ATLAS Decisions to be made



Based on the interchanges over the past couple days it seems that a several basic ATLAS candidates have arisen:



2 layer



Arguments for:  less expensive to fab

                        LVDS can be distributed with twisted pair cables

                        Fewer or no termination issues




4 LVDS lanes on board


Arguments for: LVDS lanes make it more general purpose for future applications




4 slot


Arguments for: Fits in 4 slot Aria case


6 slot


Arguments for: We’ll probably need more than 4 slots eventually

                        More general purpose appeal for other applications

                        Don’t need buss extender boards


There are probably other arguments for each case which I haven’t captured.


So it seems we need to come to concensus on which fork to take.

From my perspective I’m thinking the 2 layer 6 slot variant makes the most sense to me.


Let the comments/suggestions/arguments flow…..




-Ray    WB6TPU