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Screen shot of jmonitor on 40m (click on the image to enlarge)

The jmonitor program is a Java GUI program. it is designed to be a stand alone program or run through a web browser.

To run jmonitor from the command line use the command

 java -jar "jmonitor.jar" --receiver 0 --server

jmonitor.jar must be in your current directory, your choice of receiver and server may change with your setup

jmonitor accepts the following command on the command line.

--receiver 0|1|2|3 (default 0)

receiver that this client is attached to (Please note singular). Also please not that receivers are 0 based.

--server (default

ip address of the server machine. Default is the localhost (

--limit 0 (default 0)

This is an integer that imposes a time limit on the length of the session. This is used by those that allow Internet access to their receivers. The purpose is so that one person can not monopolize the use of the receiver.