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Is Jack required?

This code does not use Jack, but the applications that load the HPSDR firmware were built and linked with jack so you will need to install the jack libraries even though they are not used.


Linux need libusb-1.0 which is not the default libusb. It can be added with you package installer. The libusb differences are the biggest impediment to cross platform compilation.

Audio output

Currently the audio output is the mercury card output jack.

iphone support

The program has experimental support for a iphone interface. See for more information.

How do you allow access to the libusb driver as a user in Linux

To allow user access to the USB device you need to set the device permissions. Create a file in /etc/udev/rules.d called 90-ozy.rules containing the following line (you will need to be root):


Now when you plug the usb cable into the computer it will create a /dev/ozy and it will have the permissions set to allow any user to read/write to it.