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Screenshot of the flat layout with subrx active as the grey bandpass. (Click to enlarge)

ghpsdr is a GUI interface developed for hpsdr specifically on Linux platforms.

Flat layout

The design had a couple of goals, follow the simple flat layout for a radio interface in GTK+.

No Jack

The second big design goal is to implement the code without Jack. Jack is a Linux program for interconnecting audio devices. When installed and running it provides an effect and convenient patch board. However the installation and set-up of Jack is problematic for many users and created a substantial impediment to users of Linux radio GUI's.

Feature list

  • Full 1-60 mHz Bandscope
  • Spectrum display at 48000 kHz, 96000 kHz and 192000 kHz
  • Waterfall display the same as above
  • Time domain scope
  • Phase display
  • Audio gain control
  • Audio pan control
  • Sub receiver with in the same passband - allows listening to two signals at the same time, with separate gain and pan controls.