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Here is screen shot of V1.0.0. The upper green trace is the full spectrum from 0 - 55MHz and the lower white trace 48kHz of the 20m band. Click to enlarge.

K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) Konsole is a straightforward PC program that will allow beginners in SDR and DSP programming to get their feet wet.

KK is intended as a learning experience and not as a competitor or replacement for any existing Console code. Where it goes and what features get added is up to you.

KISS Konsole is written in C# using the free VS 2008 IDE. The code is heavily commented and aimed at the newbie programmer. It is straight line code with as simple a format as possible.

The code is available under SVN at:

(How to use SVN)

The directory structure is:

\branches - directories containing alpha code from some of the developers. Since it's alpha code the usual caveats apply!
\tags - directories containing previous Stable Releases
\trunk - directories containing current Stable Release, Beta Release for user testing, Documents etc

Beginners, intermediate and expert programmers are encouraged to play with the code, make modifications and share them with the group.

If you would like to share your modifications with the HPSDR community then please:

  • make your code available under the terms of the GNU General Public License; and
  • Any code you write MUST HAVE SUITABLE COMMENTS in it - too many comments will get you a higher grade! If you find/know a better way of doing something then explain in the comments how it works and how it’s implemented.

As a novice C# programmer myself my deep gratitude to Bill, KD5TFD, Dave, WA8YWQ and Joe K5SO for their invaluable assistance in getting KK released. We also owe Phil, N8VB our thanks for making his SharpDSP library available under GPL.

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