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[21:36:47] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: rifle with a night scope?

[21:39:40] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: http://www.circuitcellar.com/Wiznet/

[21:40:37] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: that was a module with tcp/ip stack .. 10 mbps I tthink

[21:41:18] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: would be very surprsed if you can drive the wizent to saturate a 100 mbps link

[21:41:26] *chan* George - K9TRV: Crossbow with a nightscope! Silent!

[21:49:08] *chan* Richard VK2NRA: 73 to all....

[21:49:23] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: 73

[22:05:47] *chan* Al - N0TVJ: phil here is the link



[22:08:20] *chan* bill-kd5tfd: what are the usrp2 guys using?

[22:16:09] *chan* Al - N0TVJ: Here is the board I got to play with It costs about $100