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I've had my amateur radio license since my freshman year in high school (1987) when I was licensed as a novice (KB7AKH) and shortly after a technician. I upgraded to my extra class license shortly after they dropped the code requirement to the 5WPM element I already had.

I've been interested in computers since I was 5 years old and I worked with the Burroughs B80 at my father's work. I had learned C by the time I was in sixth grade, and was programming on the Manx C compiler on my family's Macintosh. During High School I volunteered to assist with systems administration at Oregon State University that were connected to the Internet. I also helped my father with his Sun Microsystems machines. After returning from a stint in the Navy's Nuclear Power Program, I had a long career doing UNIX systems and network administration culminating in my job as a Vice President of Engineering for a company in Hawaii during the .com boom.

I decided that I was tired of doing computers as work, and six years ago I went back to school to get my law degree. I'm finally at the end of this journey, and I will graduate with my Jurisdoctorate in May. I intend to get a job as a prosecutor back in Oregon.

My ham radio interests include APRS, D-Star, and HPSDR. I operate the T2OREGON Tier2 APRS server, and I have recently been appointed as a co-administrator of the Tier2 APRS network. The T2OREGON setup also serves as a digipeater in the Corvallis, OR area.

My computer interests are really confined to the Macintosh right now. I'm working on a native HPSDR client, and an APRS client for the Mac. I've packaged Xastir into a binary distribution that's available on my website at