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'GPSTCXO' Project name is KHRONOS and for the HPSDR GPSDO - the project name is THEMIS. - We would like to see what the interest level is for a GPSTCXO based timing/frequency reference for HPSDR. Suggestions and discussions are welcome.

Schematics and Block Diagrams For Themis and Khronos:


THEMIS Design For Review

THEMIS Simplified Block Diagram

NEW THEMIS 3D PDF Of Layout (requires 3D plugin)

NEW THEMIS Pic of current Themis board with options.

NEW THEMIS (Candid shot) Testing Themis in OpenHPSDR Chassis - PowerSDR running.

KHRONOS (preliminary schematic release):

KHRONOS (Preliminary) Design For Review

KHRONOS Simplified Block Diagram


Current Board Screen shots (these will be available at various layout/development stages):

THEMIS Layout Snap Shot

KHRONOS Layout Snap Shot

Here's some reference material to review regarding the Jackson Labs GPSTCXO 'low cost' device:

GPSTCXO Data Sheet Brief


GPSTCXO Mechanical Dimensions

Excalibur's TCXO Data Sheet

Some File Updates:

PDF Schematic of EVB

GPSTCXO Eval Board Gerbers

GPSTCXO Eval Board Mechanical Dimensions

Image of Jackson Labs EVB:

GPSTCXO Jackson Labs EVB Image

Block Diagram of KHRONOS Architecture:

KHRONOS Block Diagram

Possible Gibraltar Alternative:

MTRON m9107 Datasheet

Some good background material and reference papers:

10 MHz OCXO Clock for the hpSDR-Transceiver - By Hans Hartfuss, DL2MDQ and Juergen Sachtleben, DD6UJS

Surplus 10 MHz Rubidium Frequency Standard - By Hans Hartfuss, DL2MDQ and Juergen Sachtleben, DD6UJS

An alternative design:

10 MHz Simple GPSDO - By James Miller G3RUH

Note - all files pertaining to the Jackson Labs GPSTCXO are provided courtesy of Jackson Labs of Los Gatos, California.