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PENELOPE - Companion Exciter to Mercury

block diagram of the Penelope DUC

The Penelope digital up converter (DUC) is a 1/2-watt transmitter/exciter board. It makes a good companion to the Mercury HF direct sampling receiver board. When connected to the Atlas (bus) it will process the I and Q signal from the personal computer.

The project leader for the board was Phil VK6APH with KK7P doing the PCB layout.

NOTE: Penelope is no longer available from TAPR. It is now being manufactured by Gerd, DJ8AY. Ron, W9KFB, is assisting Gerd to make it available to the global HPSDR community by listing it on eBay sites worldwide. You can find these listings by searching eBay for HPSDR components or by just searching for eBay Power Seller: red_ella on any eBay site.

Wide band spurious output by John N8UR. Penelope producing 0.25w out on 14.1MHz
Phase noise plot by John N8UR. Penelope producing 0.25w out on 14.1MHz and phase locked to on board 10MHz TCXO
Verilog block diagram

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