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The Atlas bus board.

The Atlas is a passive backplane for the Mercury, Ozy, Janus, and Penelope modules. The circuit board has provision for up to six DIN41612 connectors at 0.8 inch spacing. An ATX 20 pin power connector can be placed on the board so that 12v, 5v, 3.3v etc. supplies from a standard PC power supply or the LPU can be used. Since such power supplies are plentiful, both new and surplus, this neatly solves the power supply requirements. The various files for the Atlas board can be found at the support page. The DIN connector spacing and board size have been chosen such that the backplane can be fitted into a standard PC enclosure.

The Atlas bus and board was designed by Philip Covington [1], N8VB. N8VB also designed the plug-in board specification for HPSDR.


TAPR is now offering an Atlas bare board and optionally a parts kit. See the TAPR kit page for details. Be aware that these boards are NOT an assembled unit. They are only bare boards and the purchaser will need to buy the DIN connectors and other parts to populate the board (or order the parts kit), and will need to manage the assembly of the Atlas.


The ATLAS documentation is available in several languages reflecting the worldwide interest in the HPSDR project. Unfortunately Spanish is missing. Would somebody volunteer for the translation, please!?

ATLAS Assembly Guide and Documentation (pdf format)

We thank Hubert, F6GOG, and Alberto, I2PHD, for their translation efforts.