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This is an index of the subjects discussed in the weekly Teamspeak sessions. Mike Naruta edits the sessions to improve the audio quality and keep the session 'on topic', see: this email for details of the editing. Times shown are minutes from the start of the session (in the edited version).

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8 Aug

Audio file is here. Total (edited) session time is 73 minutes.

00 Dave (KV0S) in the chair. GHPSDR transmitter code, 2nd receiver capability.

George, K9TRV. Minor work on KISS.
Phil, VK6APH. KISS penelope controls implemented. CW filtering. V1.05 soon ... but I have an SVN problem. Next version of Ozy delayed to Kirk's power supply problem. Cyclop's toroids may be available from China.
Allan, KE7AXC. Seattle based, software at Boeing.
Al, N0TDJ. N2PK VNA. Phoenix coding (is not dead).
Graham, KE9H. Cyclops proto boards in, PS working, waiting for VCOs. So far so good.
Richard, VK2NRA. New Yaesu FT-897. Wiki articles - new TR switch and ghpsdr.

14 SVN repair for Phil.
20 Bill, KD5TFD. Austin Fest with SDR representatives.
23 Manufacturing status on Alex, Excalibur, etc.
24 Sysop details for wiki, mailing list, web, etc.
28 Eval board for Ethernet board on way to Phil.
28 Software languages and development paths.
34 Multiple receivers up to 7 on a single Mercury board. Audio glitch. USB protocol and FPGA changes.
39 Documentation needs and request for editors.
41 Software rundown - review of the various clients and their development language.
45 Documenting HPSDR based tranceivers. Embeded systems, real time code.
48 Cyclops oscillator output levels.
50 Mercury FPGA code - pin assignments?
51 Cyclops test code. Calibration. Design.
56 Austin fest info, Flexradio presentation.
58 Mark, W8XR. KISS SVN repository conventions. CW filter method.
64 Coding in PC versus FPGA. Iambic keyer.

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1 Aug

Audio file is here. Total (edited) session time is 76 minutes.

00 Phil and George re KISS and FPGA code. 01 Dave (KV0S) in the chair. New GHPSDR code, 2nd receiver, iphone.

George, K9TRV. KISS performance, penelope integration, setup form.
Graham, KE9H. Cyclops parts on order. Learning FPGAs. Pennywhistle and Excaliber status.
Greg, ZL3IX. Replacing antenna bits.
Mark, W8XR. Working with KISS.
Phil, VK6APH. Big milestone for KISS - Penelope is integrated! (thanks to Dave, WA8WYQ). Lots of additions happening - Wish list on the wiki. Thanks to George. Ethernet for OZY2, possible evaluation board. Looks like Kirk has found the bug in the FPGA code in Ozy & Janus. Mini-Ozy in TAPR hands.
Richard, VK2NRA. Presentations happened and Penelope arrived.
Bill, KD5TFD. PeCap and Ethernet, datagrams and packet loss experiments.
Al, N0TDJ. Parts coming in for Cyclops. Looking at model for steering. Kit for NimbleIII for modulation. Proto boards for net-blaster for use with Mercury.

15 Update on Kevin and Hermes. New volunteer (Anthony Taylor) to work with ORCAD.
18 Apollo in holiday hold.
18 Ozy 1.4 code bug - what was wrong.
20 Web and Wiki updates..... Wikimedia templates.
28 Mercury interfacing - Netblaster. Wiznet board.
34 Rodent proofing cables.
35 Tuning in Cyclops. Sweep. Board build sequence. Parts. Levelers and tracking generators. NimbleIII. DDS.
50 Altera FPGA development tools. Open cores. SPI slave code and soft core microprocessor.
54 Doddery? amps.
56 Ethernet eval. board.
64 Data rates and dropping data on a network....
68 FPGA frames going to the FX2 on Mercury.
70 Ozy 1.4 fix works, will send release to Bill. Challenge to hunt the update!
73 Humour.

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25 July

Audio file is here. Total (edited) session time is 35 minutes.

00 Dave (KV0S) in the chair. HTML5 and canvas display.

Greg, ZL3IX.
Phil, VK6APH. KISS bug found - fixed a screen write problem. Added squelch control (conventional and wideband).
Richard, VK2NRA. HPSDR demos and questions.
Rick, VE3MM. KK wide spectrum frequencies - not adjustable.
Bill, KD5TFD. OZYII communications.

10 Mini-Ozy - Gerd did not get sufficient interest to manufacture. TAPR's level of interest. Bare boards are available.
14 Project Audience / Development / Participation.
21 TAPR - Manufacturing, Funding.
26 UDP and Ethernet comms to and from OZYII.
30 Linux comm / UDP / dttsp and portability of libraries.

18 July

Audio file is here. Total (edited) session time is 84 minutes.

00 Dave (KV0S) in the chair.

George, K9TRV. KISS graphics improvements, Waterfall. Possibility of using Mono to port to Linux & Mac. AGC.
Graham, KE9H. Cyclops clean-up and incorporation of comments. Integrating HPSDR into Pandora.
Greg, ZL3IX.
Mike, AA8K. Windows 7 investigation, DRM issues.
Phil, VK6APH. KISS waterfall, AGC. Ozy V1.4 bug chasing making progress.
Richard, VK2NRA.
Bill, KD5TFD. Fixed FPGA related bug.

10 Cyclops design trade-offs, filters. Power supply sensitivity of the VCO. Supercaps. Using variable caps in filters.
23 AGC in KISS, threshold.
29 Iphone developments fed from ghpsdr.
33 Battery power supply and limitations.
34 Spectrum monitoring and usage.
38 Minimum discernible signal(MDS)on Mercury.
43 Back to Cyclops inductors.
46 Cyclops frequencies.
50 FPGA clock inputs and PLLs inside the FPGA.
53 Cyclops part numbers. VCOs.
61 N2PK, Smith Charts, modern tools... Cyclops filters again.

11 July

Audio file is here. Edited time is 44 minutes, real time was 2 hours.

00 Mike (AA8K) in the chair.

Dave, WA8YWG. Report on HPSDR progress.
Phil, VK6APH. Working on Verilog code. Hard to find the bug... will work this week on KISS console, AGC work continuing. KISS console initialization needs some work. Doco on Cyclops coming. OzyII coming along.
Richard, VK2NRA. Now all working - thanks to Phil and Bill.
Rick, VE3MM. Enjoying summer and the returning sunspots.
Bill, KD5TFD. Remote debugging... will look at up-migration of PowerSDR.

07 Initializing Ozy in KISS console (KK).
08 Distortion in Mercury and Penelope....
12 PC latency and volumn level. 14 Resistor fix in Ozy.
16 KISS console initializing problem ideas.... and interactive work between Phil and Bill. Fixed! and release coming.

Text messages

4 July

Audio file is here

00 Dave (KV0S) in the chair. ghpsdr coming along. Iphone SDK being used for HPSDR.

Duane, W5PNM. Ubuntu PC died. Enjoying KISS console. Demo-ing HPSDR.
George, K9TRV. KISS console AGC. Multi RX is sweet.
Phil, VK6APH. Working on Verilog code - FPGA to FX2 on Ozy. Looking at PLL on Ozy (possible audio problem source). Doing some Cyclops work with Graham.
Richard, VK2NRA. Making progress on station setup.
Bill, KD5TFD. Problem solving, couple of reflector questions.

09 Hermes?? Where is is all going? Led to longer discussion on Cyclops, Hermes, Schematic, ..
17 OzyII - approved budget. Looking for parts, etc...
18 Thor PWM progress.
20 Iphone and a bandscope.
21 KISS console and Penelope.
22 AGC code. Decay time.
24 Dual receivers in Mercury. Speed constraints in FPGA and on the USB bus. LVDS between boards.
31 AGC parameters.

27 June

Audio file is here

00 Dave (KV0S) in the chair.

George, K9TRV. KISS Konsole, sharp DSP, syn mode working, looking at CPU load and AGC code.
Graham, KE9H. Fans for Pandora - 92mm fan needed. Minor change to Excalibur to shield TXO. N12 GPS boards from China.
Greg, ZL3IX. Multi receive working well.
Phil, VK6APH. Working on KISS Konsole user interface, S meter calibration, and AGC. Added control for gradical lines. Working on FPGA audio glitch - waiting for code.
Richard, VK2NRA. Wiki teamspeak index, working on HPSDR station setup.
Rick, VE3MM. Contesting with CW skimmer - worked well with Mercury.
Bill, KD5TFD. Helping people with problems.

15 Jack in ghpsdr, communication with PC, dropped 'packets'... better routing of I & Q in the PC.
21 'FL digi' digital modem program interfacing.
31 Wiki Teamspeak index, Is it useful? Who to do it?
35 USB (G8KBB) interface to N2PK VNA.
38 Cyclops spectrum analyser design (redesign) and chip selection.
44 N2PK - FX2 - USB interface chip selection, power supply.
46 Pandora fan.
47 Parts ordering for N2PK VNA, volumn purchasing.
51 Reflow soldering, hot air gun.
54 Sync, Async communication with PwrSDR. Version checks in PwrSDR. FPGA code revision.

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20 June

Audio file is here.

00 Dave (KV0S) in the chair. Canvas web browser interface.

George, K9TRV, progress on KISS console.
Greg, ZL3IX, Mechanically RF tight enclosure... grounding USB connection. Drive level.
Phil, VK6APH, KISS click and drag tuning. Fix drag bug. Working on S meter. AGC work - George is being very modest. Working with Kirk on Ozy + Janus code, making good progress.
Bill, KD5TFD, Scaling PwrSDR with multiple cores.
Al, N0TVJ, Blackfin with ucLinux.

10 Multi-receive - does it work? It should. Maybe back down on the display update setting to lower CPU load.
14 Email
15 Acorn distributed servers.
18 ghpsdr - Making progress - getting ready to write transmit elements. Has 48, 96, 192K displays.
20 Multi core loading continued with graph.
22 AGC SW sampling rate... S meter.
26 Multi receive again. CPU speed, buffering, etc.
30 Blackfin / Beagle use. Beagle is probably more capable.
39 .... Close, 73s.

13 June

Audio file is here.

On this week's session: some hints on desoldering the Penelope transformer, possible Ozzy dot-dash reversed, and bandpass filter selection. Considerable discussion of mouse movement to control the KISS console frequency

6 June

Audio file is here.