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[Xylo-SDR] A/D interface thoughts

Some thoughts on the  Xylo to A/D converter interface (Wolfson or TI).

If we assume that we want to run the A/D at 192kps with 24 bit samples then the BCLK coming from the A/D will be at

192,000 x 64 = 12.288MHz.

Since the LRCLK and data is synchronous with this clock then it seem to me that we need to feed the 24.576MHz clock into the FPGA and run a state machine from it.

We also need to indicate to the PC program which sample we are sending, left or right.
I previously suggested that we use

<0x000000>< left data><right data><0x000000><left data><right data> etc

so that the all zero state is used as a unique flag. As others have pointed out since the USB bulk transport scheme assures that the data is received we don't need to send the flag that often - perhaps just every time we switch to Rx and say every 500 packets.

Also its not a good idea to use zero for the flag since the data from the A/D is in 2's complement format and zero will occur naturally quite often in the data. My suggestion is that we use either the max or min value from the A/D e.g.

01111111111111111111111 or 10000000000000000000000

I suggest we use the latter.

Since we have 32 BCLK pulses available for each channel but only 24 have audio data associated then there seems to be plenty of space in which we can inset these 3 bytes. If we use Right Justified Audio then the flag could be sent immediately after the positive edge of the LRCLK - or after the right data if we use Left Justified data.

I suggest we use Right Justified audio.

Any comments, corrections or suggestions?

73's  Phil... VK6APH

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