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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Questions - Enclosure - MB - Kicad


I'll sit back and listen to this discussion. It IS important. Also the
proposal on the floor is for a 100 x 100 mm board. 

IMHO - This IS the 'heart' and sole of our project, and deserves a LOT of
thought. I'm for spending more $ on this component than any other. It needs
to be as versatile as we can afford. This is probably going to be a 1 off
(actually let's consider 25 off for this run for 'our' Xylo-Phreaks.) I
personally don't see $150 or more on this board as being objectionable. I
have already spent $250 on FPGA for fun stuff.

With Case, power, and your board, it actually could be an experimental
system we could sell for profit. I'm not suggesting that, but there are a
lot higher priced naked boards out there which are pretty but don't cut the
mustard for an end product. What we produce will be our end product but not
necessarily the rest of the world.


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> Leon,
> If we are actually going with the 4x4" size (or is it 100x100mm???),
> you will have plenty of extra board area on the Cyclone II board.
> Please consider putting in a maybe 2"x4" "kludge" area on the board
> for prototyping.  The PCB pattern would be the same as they use on the
> eurocard prototyping cards.

It'll actually be 100 mm x 80 mm. It's going to be quite an expensive board 
(4 layer) so I'd rather not have a prototyping area on it. I feel it would 
be better to have a cheap double-sided board on the same bus for 

73, Leon 

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