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Re: [Xylo-SDR] RFC - Motherboard

On 1/24/06, Eric Ellison <ecellison@comcast.net> wrote:
> Phil
> You are right. I ceased to panic after the first flurry on that matter.
> FPGA's in the capability range we are talking about are not that expensive.
> However, in this exchange which you have explained well right here:
> If you used ALL the resources on the Lions 'heart' can you do what you are
> planning below? Your project does NOT have to co-exist with any others, just
> a different FPGA program and leverage of programs in common with other
> projects like FX2. Other slots used for the BPF board etc. If so, that WOULD
> make the daughter card + Buss concept viable. After all the Janus is a
> totally different project, and will never need to co-exist with your radio!
> It would also make the Lionheart a little more flexible in that it would
> allow for a 'squatter'. I realize it depends on physical space, but
> 'squatting' on cleverly spaced pins could do it. Nothing has all that much
> height, in any of these projects except front panel stuff.
> Just wondering.
> Eric


Actually the Janus will probably be a part of my project.  I will need
a way to get audio out for RX and audio in for TX - I'll need at least
the TI CODEC part of it.  Also, I can envision having both a LTC2208
board and a QSD based board in one radio.  The LTC2208 could be used
to scan big chunks of spectrum and direct the QSD based board to tune
to a signal of interest while the LTC2208 continues the scan.  I also
need to be able to decode command signals via USB to an IO controller
board - that function will be handled by the Lionheart board.

Phil C